MR Consistent

Fredrik Sjödin

The driver and founder of the team. When other children fell a sleep hugging a teddybear Fredrik had a wrench. Winner of the swedish championship with 500 point out of 500. Speed and consistency his 2 middle names.

MR mechanic

Andreas Lindström
& Johan Lundqvist

The fastest guys in the pit. Hands down on the car no matter what happens. Just waiting for some dirty work or just some fine tuning and detailing the windshield. The true backbone of the team on track and in the workshop.

MR MacGyver

Roger Hjortén

Every team must have a MacGyver, give Roger nothing and he will build something, Roger is that person in our team.

MR Crew Engine

Christer Sjödin

The guy in our crew that never stops going. Think of a powerful engine on full speed that never stops. Christer is in charge of of the crew-s development in small and big matters. Wherever we goes, he goes and he never stop.

MR Fixit

Magnus Dahlberg

One of our backbones in our crew that invest a lot of time and energy in fixing the things we never thought was able to fix :)

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